Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey DO!

Business first:
1. I am going to update this blog with more consistency because I want to be able to read it to the girls later. (and because what kind of blog gets updated once a month?)
2. I am going to post pics soon, if the girls slow down long enough to let me :)
2. We are having the best summer EVER which is why I've been so slack- more on that later!

I've always tried to really listen when older moms talked. They know a lot of stuff, you know. Sometimes they talk about getting a picky eater to eat, the best way to bring down a fever (or not!) or tried and true ways to potty train. And I listen. What they always say is that the girls will grown up too fast, enjoy every moment, and to never put doing the dishes before reading books-- the dishes will wait but the memories will not. And I'm trying to listen to that, too. Most days go by so quickly that I don't spend much time THINKING, just a lot of time DOING. But this morning, I took time to sit, let the girls tear out every toy they own and just watched. Serah is starting to talk. Really, seriously communicate! I hadn't really noticed. But she was having conversations with her sister about who should take care of which doll, changing the baby's diaper and said she was sorry after she pushed her sister (which, in our house, is basically as good as not ever pushing her). They held hands, sang songs, chased each other, and laughed really really hard. It might be the best mom day ever.
I've also noticed that Serah wants to do everything She says words MG uses, rolls her eyes at the same time (no, I'm not proud of this but it is super funny), and plays whatever game her big sister chooses. SO. I did what every red blooded American mom would do... I put panties on her and said "Look! you can go pee pee in the potty just like your sister!" and said a little prayer that the potty training was done. I do realize that (a.) she is still very young to potty train (b.) she won't do it until she is ready, regardless of the incentive (c.) it is wishful thinking to hope she will potty train herself in an attempt to be like her sister. BUT- I'm doing it anyway. Because if it works, I will have a good story to tell and I love telling a good story.

Mary Garland is a natural leader, so it's a good thing Serah likes to follow her around. I am just having to watch carefully what she teacher her...

Yesterday, I found Waffles (the little white dog) with a leash on, tied to the back door. Mary Garland was teaching Serah how to play puppy pound with 7 stuffed animals and one live dog. Tied to the door.

MG plays under the dining room table a lot. She calls it her "bird nest" and I'm totally fine with it. Last week, I found the girls in Mary Garland's bird nest... eating sugar out of the sugar bowl. It went something like this:
Mom: "GIRLS! What are you doing?! Mary Garland, you know better than this!"
MG: "What?! SERAH did it!"
Mom: "Serah can't reach the sugar bowl, you got it down."
MG: "Well, Serah told me to."
Mom: "Serah can't say that many words, Mary Garland."
MG: "Sure she can, she just doesn't like to talk to YOU!"

Serah is learning to talk, and has mastered most "signals" for communicating. MG is pushing her to the next level...
MG: "Serah, say 'acc-i-dent-ally'. That's what you say when you do something, but can't get in trouble for it. Say it. 'acc-i-dent-ally'. Mommy won't get mad if you do it 'accidentally'."

Mary Garland loves being a big helper, and has always enjoyed being very involved in rearing Serah...
MG: "Serah, pee pee in the potty. Do it! If you do it, you'll get M&Ms. And so will I. So do it NOW!"

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